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Also known as 'semps', 'houseleeks', 'hens and chicks' and 'liveforever', this colourful collection of our favourite cultivars are perfect for a dry, sunny spot. Planting a few of each variety together creates a striking impact of colourful foliage lasting all year round.

Sempervivums are among the most frost-resistant succulents, making them popular especially for low maintenance, drought tolerant gardening. Their thick succulent leaves store water for when it is needed and as their name suggests ('liveforever')it is a perennial plant that keeps its leaves in winter and is very resistant to difficult conditions of growth.

Although promoted and often planted for the semps hardy succulents drought tolerant live foreverfantastic range of colours and shapes of their foliage, their star-shaped flowers are particularly attractive to bees and butterflies too.

They are perfect for getting children involved and creative in the garden ~ easy to handle, resilient and colourful. Let them get creative, decorating old play trucks, colanders or making patterns such as spirals in wide containers.

Semps sempervivum house leeks offer mixed collectionIdeal for a raised alpine bed, sloping rock garden, upcycled projects, roof gardening, crevices and for filling gaps in the garden.

All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting.



20 Sempervivum for 39.95 incl. P+P or 40 Sempervivum for 69.90 incl. P+P.

1 box of 20 sempervivum for 39.95 - follow link below

2 boxes (40 sempervivum) for 69.90 - follow link below


To order this collection, simply follow the How to Order link. Don't forget delivery charge is included in these special prices and we send pots NOT plugs.



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