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Click for photo GENUS Species / CULTIVAR Height (cm) DESCRIPTION
Thymus Lavender photo and description Thymus caespititus 'Lavender' 5 Pretty lavender-pink flowers above dark green foliage.
Thymus x citriodorus Doone Valley photo and description Thymus x citriodorus 'Doone Valley' 8 Creeping evergreen, gold and yellow variegated leaves. Attractive to butterflies and bees. Flowers Jun-Aug.
Thymus x citriodorus Golden King photo and description Thymus x citriodorus 'Golden King' 25 Gold and green variegation. Lemon scented.
Thymus Highland Cream photo and description Thymus 'Highland Cream' 3 A very delightful creeping thyme indeed, with cream and light green variegation.
Thymus x citriodorus Archer's Gold photo and description Thymus pulegoides 'Archer's Gold' 20 Variegated green and yellow foliage with lemon scented flowers from June.
Awaiting photo Thymus pulegoides 'Foxley' 20 Discontinued.
Thymus Rasta photo and description Thymus 'Rasta' 3 Tiny green and yellow variegated leaves. Great for hanging over pot edges.
Thymus serphyllum Minimus photo and description Thymus serphyllum 'Minimus' 3 Tightly creeping thyme with tiny green-grey leaves and lilac flowers.
Thymus Russettings photo and description Thymus serphyllum 'Russettings' 8 A great creeper with dark glossy green leaves and dark pink flowers throughout summer.
Thymus serphyllum var lanuginosus photo and description Thymus serphyllum var. lanuginosus 5 Woolly Thyme. Creeping perennial with deep green leaves and pale blue flowers May-Jun.
Thymus vulgaris Pinewood Pine Scented photo and description Thymus vulgaris 'Pinewood' 30 Pine Scented. Unusual shrub-like thyme with the wonderful aroma of pine.
Thymus vulgaris Silver Posie photo and description Thymus vulgaris 'Silver Posie' 30 Silver and light green bushy shrub, producing pink flowers Jun-Sept. Pretty even when not in flower.
Awaiting photo Veronica prostrata 'Trehane' 25 Discontinued.
Viola cornuta Boughton Blue photo and description Viola cornuta 'Belmont Blue' AGM 15 syn. 'Boughton Blue'. Ideal groundcover, forming mass of beautiful pale-blue flowers throughout summer. Perennial viola.
Viola cornuta Molly Sanderson (almost black viola)  photo and description Viola cornuta 'Molly Sanderson' 15 Silky black flowers with a yellow eye. Perennial flowering throughout summer.
Awaiting photo Viola cornuta 'Yellow Prince' 15 Dwarf viola, with long lasting yellow flowers throughout summer. Perennial.
Awaiting photo Viola 'Etain' 15

A very elegant, fragranced, clump forming viola bearing yellow petals, orange centres and lavender purple edging.

A favourite.

Awaiting photo Wahlenbergia congesta 8 Discontinued.

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