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CHRISTMAS TREES from The Alpine and Grass Nursery




Christmas 2018

Fresh Christmas Trees Grower Lincolnshire  Spalding Nordman SpruceWe have now been selling fresh Christmas trees from our nursery for the past 14 years. Regular visitors have become accustomed to buying a locally grown, long lasting tree. This means the tree's wonderful scent is at its peak and it maintains its needles for longer.


Everyday throughout the Christmas period, we will be open 10-4pm for the tree of your choice. See Map and Directions.


We have the following types for sale:

  1. Nordman Fir ~ A great family favourite for its needle retention.

  2. Norway Spruce ~ The traditional Christmas Tree, with its unique scent, feel and shape. For traditionalists this tree is as much a part of Christmas as turkey and the Queen's Speech.

Both the Nordman and Spruce are available as cut or pot-grown trees. Those grown in their pots have fantastic roots and can be planted in the garden or into a larger pot to enjoy lots more Christmastimes ahead.


Prefer to have one delivered to your door? BUY ONLINE >>


Christmas Trees wreaths pot grown trees Lincolnshire Spalding

Local grown trees Peterborough, Bourne, Boston


Why choose real and fresh? - Did you know....? 



  • One acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people.

  • Freshly cut trees are a renewable, sustainable resource. Their sale benefits local and UK economies.

  • Fresh trees keep their needles longer.

  • Whilst growing, real trees are havens for wildlife. They also help to protect the soil.
  • As trees are harvested for Christmas, new seedlings are planted, to continue helping our ecosystem and wildlife.
  • Artificial trees are primarily made in China. Buying a fresh, local tree helps reduce your air miles and carbon footprint.
  • Real trees are traditional. They look, feel and have the scent of Christmas.
  • The tradition of decorating a tree at Christmas began in Germany 400 years ago.
  • For centuries, it was believed that trees remaining green all year round kept away witches, evil spirits and illness.
  • A tea made from the young shoots of a Norway Spruce was used in folk medicine to ease respiratory troubles such as influenza and coughs.
  • Once in the house, a freshly cut tree can absorb up to a litre of water a day.
  • In the middle ages, Christmas trees were decorated with red apples.
  • More recently, in the UK, decorating the Christmas tree began in 1841, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert erected a tree in Windsor Castle. Its popularity has continued ever since.


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