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As described by the BBC, "Grasses are the ultimate architectural plant, adding see-through effects, gentle rustling, autumn colour and winter shapes. They also tolerate a range of conditions, from gravel gardens to solid lumpy clay.

Grasses can be used in borders as individual eye-catchers, large or small, or repeated in drifts to create a natural look, with paths ambling through and between. Some can even be grown in containers, to help soften formal designs."

(BBC, 2008)


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Choosing the right grass for the right place



Whether the plants are for yourself or a friend, our box of grasses will be a delight to open.

There is a grass to suit everyone:

* For bird lovers try Stipa arundinacea - the finches will enjoy feasting on its seedheads.

* For those that love to travel - bring Nepal into your garden with the Miscanthus nepalensis and its plumes of tranquility.

* For country lovers - Briza media is just one grass you would find on a ramble in the British countryside.

* For those that love to feel and touch - the plumes of pennisetums will be irresistable.


Adding grasses to the garden brings:

 * A particular intimacy with the natural world - with subtle lines and textures.

 *  Light in to the garden - by catching the sun's rays in their flowers and seed heads.

 *  Movement - stirring with every gentle breeze.

 *  Sound - with the rustling of mature grasses.

 *  Height - some growing to many feet tall.


Hayley Merrison collecting seed from Pennisetum villosum"Did you know many grasses sold are not grasses at all?"


Sedges have edges and rushes are round,

But grasses have nodes from their tips to the ground.


There are 'true grasses' from the Gramineae family and then there are 'grass-like' grasses from many other plant families such as the Cyperaceae and Juncaceae families.  Why get technical you may ask? Well, it helps us to grow plants that are top quality and very happy!


True grasses mainly originate from sunny climates with poor ground and won't appreciate good fertile soil - ideal plants where other things won't grow.


In comparison the grass-like sedges such as Carex generally originate from somewhat shadier, richer, damp soils and will obviously reach potential in this environment.


Rushes such as Juncus are native to moist or wet, fertile soil, whilst woodrushes are mostly shade-loving woodlanders from fairly poor, drier soil.

Sounds confusing but we love learning about each one's native habitat and this helps them grow to their potential.  That's one reason you can be confident of receiving  (or sending to a friend) plants of excellent quality that we've enjoyed taking care of.



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