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Click for photo GENUS Species / CULTIVAR Height/ spread (cm) DESCRIPTION
Awaiting photo Acorus gramineus 'Licorice' ('Liquorice') 30 x 100 Forms bright green fan with a wonderful liquorice aroma. Good for sensory gardens. Can be grown in moist container.
Acorus gramineus Ogon photo and description Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' ('Wogon') 30 x 100 Golden variegated Japanese sweet flag. Elegant golden fan, ideal along water. Evergreen - all year round splash of yellow.
Acorus gramineus Variegatus photo and description Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus' 30 x 100 White striped Japanese sweet flag. Erect white/green fan, great on pond edge.
Agrostis canina Silver Needles photo and description Agrostis canina 'Silver Needles' 10 x 100 Discontinued.
Alopecurus borealis glaucus blue foxtail photo and description Alopecurus borealis glaucus 20 x 30 Blue Foxtail. Fine, blue-silver leaves with cylindrical flower heads. Will spread.
Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegata' photo and description Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegatus' 30 x 30 Golden Foxtail. Bright green soft leaves with vivid yellow stripes. Brightest in sun.
Stipa arundinacea Pheasant Tail photo and description Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa arundinacea) 75 x 60 New Zealand's Pheasant's Tail Grass due to the lovely orange/red/bronze foliage in autumn. Good accent plant or in groups.
Anemanthele lessoniana Golden Hue photo and description Anemanthele lessoniana 'Golden Hue' (Stipa arundinacea 'Golden Hue') 75 x 60 Autumn leaves flushed deep yellow. Likes moist soil in sun.
Arrhenatherum elatius bulbosum 'Variegatum' photo and description Arrhenatherum elatius bulbosum 'Variegatum' 30 x 30 Narrow, soft leaves variegated green and bright white. Good border feature, glowing silvery-white.
Arthropodium candidum 'Purpureum' photo and description Arthropodium candidum 'Purpureum' 25 x 25 New Zealand Rock Lily. Purple-bronze, narrow grass like leaves, attractively speckled. Tiny white flowers are a bonus.
Arundo donax Monster of Grasses photo and description Arundo donax 450 x indef Giant reed. Monster of grasses. Tallest hardy grass, after bamboos. Hollow stems, used for wind instruments. Drought tolerant.
Arundo donax Golden Chain photo and description Arundo donax 'Golden Chain' 240 x indef Variegated yellow and green. Wonderful feature in pot. Needs winter protection.
Arundo donax Variegata Versicolour photo and description Arundo donax 'Versicolour' (Variegata) 250 x indef Variegated Giant reed with cream and green variegation. Needs sheltered spot and protection in winter.
Awaiting photo Bouteloua gracilis 30 x 60 Discontinued.
Briza media totter grass photo and description Briza media 60 x 60 The original Quaking/Totter grass with trembling seedheads. Good as table decoration.
Briza media Limouzi photo and description Briza media 'Limouzi' 70 x 60 Discontinued.
Briza medai Russells photo and description Briza media 'Russells' 60 x 60 The newest member of the Briza group: 'Russells' has pleasingly variegated foliage of pastel green and white, as well as the amusing pearl-like, trembling spikelets.
Bromus inermis Skinner's Gold photo and description Bromus inermis 'Skinner's Gold' 60 x 100 Yellow and green variegated leaves. Prefers poor soil in sun/part shade. Can be trained upwards. Will spread and brighten up a corner.
Calamagrostis acutiflora Karl Foerster photo and description grass for jungle look Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' ('Stricta') 170 x 100 One of the first of the tall grasses to gain height. Described as the 'Exclamation Mark' of the garden for its reliably vertical form whatever the weather. Moist soil.
Calamagrostis acutiflora Overdam photo and description Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Overdam' 120 x 100 Green/cream vertical variegation. Best in moist soil.
Calamagrostis brachytricha Korean Diamond Feather Grass photo and description Calamagrostis brachytricha 80 x 90 Korean Diamond Grass. Very pretty influorescences: purple-red tinged at first, ageing silver.
Awaiting photo Calamagrostis emodensis 130 x 100 We love this one almost as much as Miscanthus nepalensis. It has wide green leaves with feathery like nodding plumes up to 35cm in length. Sun/part shade. Very graceful.
Carex brunnea Jenneke photo and description Carex brunnea 'Jenneke' 23 x 30 Discontinued.
Carex brunnea Variegata photo and description Carex brunnea 'Variegata' 30 x 30 Slender grass with green leaves and golden edges. Elegant plant.
Carex buchananii AGM photo and description Carex buchananii ('Red Rooster') 75 x 60 New Zealand leatherleaf sedge. Erect rusty copper-bronze foliage, great with pink, orange or yellow flowered perennials. Moist but well-drained.
Carex comans Bronze Form photo and description Carex comans 'Bronze' ('Bronco') 30 x 75 Compact, warm brown leaves delicately tousling to ground. Moist, sun/shade.
Carex comans Frosted Curls photo and description Carex comans 'Frosted Curls' ('Amazon Mist') 45 x 100 Arching pastel green leaves with curling tips. Moist soil, sun/shade.
Carex comans Milk Chocolate Milchoc photo and description Carex comans 'Milk Chocolate' 60 x 40 Shiny rich brown leaves with orange and green tints in autumn. Moist soil.
Carex conica Snowline photo and description Carex conica 'Snowline' 15 x 30 Discontinued.
Carex dipsacea photo and description Carex dipsacea ('Coppertop') 45 x 45 Deep bronze-green leaves, with orange tips. Attractive, prominent flower spikes.
Carex dolichostachya Kaga Nishiki Gold Fountains photo and description Carex dolichostachya 'Kaga Nishiki' 25 x 38 Discontinued.
Carex elata Aurea Bowles Golden Sedge Norfolk photo and description Carex elata 'Aurea' 75 x 90 Bowles Golden Sedge. Bright deep yellow leaves with narrow green edge. Pond edge.
Carex flacca carnation grass photo and description Carex flacca 30 x 30 Discontinued.
Carex kaloides photo and description Carex kaloides 75 x 45 Carex of many colours from yellow-green to pale orange-brown depending on sun levels. A warm effect.
Carex morrowii Ice Dance photo and decription Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance' 60 x 100 Wide, shiny, deep green leaves with prominent white edges. Moist soil in part shade. Excellent for autumn displays.
Carex morrowii Silver Sceptre photo and description Carex morrowii 'Silver Sceptre' 45 x 100 Discontinued.
Carex morrowii Variegata photo and description Carex

morrowii 'Variegata'

60 x 75 Shiny green leaves with less prominent edges than 'Ice Dance'. Moist soil in part shade.
Carex muskingumensis photo and description Carex


90 x 100 Discontinued.
Carex oshimensis Evergold photo and description Carex

oshimensis 'Evergold' ('Old Gold', 'Aureovariegata')

25 x 45    Small bright clump of green edged leaves with broad central, yellow stripe. Moist soil.
Carex panicea carnation sedge photo and description Carex


30 x 30 Blue-grey carnation sedge. Purple-brown spikes. Moist soil.
Carex pendula Moonraker photo and description Carex

pendula 'Moonraker'

75 x 100 Discontinued.
Carex secta tenuiculmis photo and description Carex secta tenuiculmis ('Bronzina', 'Cappucino') 75 x 100 An endangered plant in the wild. Lovely red-bronze clump former.
Carex comans Taranaki Small Red photo and description Carex

'Taranaki' ('Little Red')

40 x 75 Discontinued.
Carex testacea photo and description orange grass Carex

testacea ('Indian Summer', 'Prairie Fire')

50 x 45 Unusual olive green arching leaves, turning orange in full sun. Moist soil.
Carex testacea Old Gold photo and description Carex

testacea 'Old Gold'

50 x 45 Discontinued.
Awaiting photo Carex trifida 90 x 60 An impressive grass: Blue-green foliage with large dark flower spikes. Evergreen. Good for jungley look.
Awaiting photo Chionochloa rubra 100 x 100 Red tussock grass. Forms a clump of various shades: copper-brown, red and green.
Awaiting photo Cordyline australis 'Purpurea' 400 x 200 Palm-like cabbage tree with plum coloured wide leaves. Great in pots or as focal point in garden. Slow growing.
Awaiting photo Cortaderia selloana 'Pumila' 120 x 90 'Compact Pampas Grass'. Large, fluffy, white, feather-like blooms late summer. Good pampas for smaller gardens.
Cortaderia selloana Rosea Pink Plume photo and description Cortaderia selloana 'Rosea' 250 x 120 'Pink Feathered Pampas Grass'. Silver plumes, tinged pink.
Awaiting photo Cortaderia selloana 'White Feather' 250 x 120 'White Feathered Pampas Grass'. Silvery-white flower plumes.
Corynephorus canescens photo and description Corynephorus canescens ('Spiky Blue') 25 x 60 'Silver Grass'. Very fine silver/grey-green leaves with silvery plumes and purple anthers.
Cyperus glaber photo and description Cyperus glaber 50 x 50 Unusual flower spikelets, with up to 8 heads on one stem. Good for cutting.

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