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  1. What are alpines?
  2. What kind of planting mix should I use?
  3. Do alpines only flower in spring?
  4. Will they come again next year?
  5. Are all alpines drought tolerant?
Mountain flowers Kitzbuehler horn 2005

1.What are alpines?

Alps alpines on mountain holiday walks Kitzbuhel ski slopesThe term 'alpine plant' is defined as any plant that grows above the tree-line, such as the mountainous regions of the Alps. Generally you will find that the term "alpines and rockery plants" will encompass any plant that is suitable for use in a rock garden, short in stature and compatible with true alpines.

2. What kind of planting mix should I use?Alpine rock gardens grit gravel

Whether growing in the garden or pots, drainage is the most important aspect to get right. Horticultural grit, gravel, crocks, sand and perlite are the main ingredients that can be added to improve drainage.  In containers, a top-dressing of grit is advisable to prevent too much moisture accumulating around the neck of the plant.

3. Do alpines only flower in spring?

Erodium Bishop's Form questions and answersNo, many of the alpines/rockery plants that you will find available on this site will flower in spring such as aubrieta; some early summer such as campanulas; some throughout the whole ofPhlox Emerald Cushion Blue flowers spring and summer summer such as erodium and phlox, and some even into autumn such as perennial violas. Some genera provide attractive, all-year round foliage such as the sedums. Thinking of planting alpines in autumn - << read more >>

4. Will they come again next year?

Yes, the alpines we sell are perennials and will reward you again year after year.

Sempervivum for dry conditions5. Are all alpines drought tolerant?

Sedum cauticola RHS AGM for dry gardensAfter adaptations in mountainous regions, many alpines are drought tolerant. Two genera particularly resilient to dry conditions are sedums and sempervivum. However, alpines that typically originate from coastal regions will benefit from more moist conditions if planted in full sun, such as Armeria (Sea thrift), Silene and Primula. Fortunately, each alpine we despatch is accompanied by a descriptive label with planting suggestions and advice.Alpines UK





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