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Click for photo GENUS Species / CULTIVAR Height (cm) DESCRIPTION
Delosperma congestum photo and description Delosperma congestum 8 Golden Nugget. Wonderfully bright yellow, daisy-like flowers above fleshy leaves. Compact plant. Full sun.
Delosperma cooperi photo and description Delosperma cooperi 6 Forms carpet of fleshy leaves, bearing many purple-pink daisy-like flowers. Prefers full sun and room to spread.
Delosperma nubigenum Mesembryanthemum Batsutoland photo and description Delosperma nubigenum 5 syn Mesembryanthemum Basutoland. Hardy Yellow Ice Plant. Succulent foliage, yellow daisy flowers. Tolerates part sun/shade. Good for hanging over side of pots or walls.
Delosperma sutherlandii photo and description Delosperma sutherlandii 8 Very deep pink flowers with yellow centres. Prefers full sun.
Delosperma Peach Star photo and description Delosperma sutherlandii 'Peach Star' 8 Peachy-pink flowers with pale yellow eye. Prefers full sun.
Dianthus Millstream Salmon photo and description Dianthus alpinus 'Millstream Salmon' 8 Rich green cushion with salmon-pink flowers on short stems from spring.
Dianthus Annette photo and description Dianthus 'Annette' 12 Purple-pink, double  flowers with an attractive scent.
Dianthus Deep Red Flashing Lights photo and description Dianthus deltoides 'Deep Red' 20 Dark green foliage with abundance of crimson flowers from June onwards.
Dianthus Evening Star photo and description Dianthus 'Evening Star' AGM 10 Sunset pink, semi-double flowers with a maroon centre and lovely perfume.
Dianthus Fire Star photo and description Dianthus 'Fire Star' AGM 15 Vivid red flowers with crimson edge and delicate perfume.
Dainthus Fusilier photo and description Dianthus 'Fusilier' AGM 15 Bears a long succession of bright red, semi-double flowers with a strong fragrance.
Dianthus India Star photo and description Dianthus 'India Star' AGM 12 Bengal-rose flowers with ruby centres and prominent anthers. Lovely perfume.
Awaiting photo Dianthus 'Inshriach Dazzler' AGM 15 Tight green foliage bearing deep pink-red flowers. Striking.
Dianthus Mystic Star Dianthus 'Mystic Star' AGM 15 Very dark maroon flowers edged white, with pale pink markings. Rich chocolate perfume.
Dianthus Neon Star photo and description Dianthus 'Neon Star' AGM 15 Brilliant magenta-pink flowers. Intense perfume.
Dianthus Night Star photo and description Dianthus 'Night Star' AGM 12 Morello cherry flowers with pink markings. Lovely perfume.
Dianthus Pink Jewel photo and description Dianthus 'Pink Jewel' 15 Heavily scented dianthus with small, deep pink flowers throughout summer.
Dianthus Pixie Star photo and description Dianthus 'Pixie Star' AGM 15 Perfect single, lavender blooms with a rose pink eye.
Dianthus Prince Charming photo and description Dianthus 'Prince Charming' 15 Lovely scented dianthus with light pink flowers throughout summer.
Dianthus Red Dwarf photo and description Dianthus 'Red Dwarf' AGM 7 Bears a profusion of maroon centred, red-pink flowers with white stamens. Good perfume.
Dainthus Starburst photo and description Dianthus 'Starburst' NEW for 2007 15 Delightful pattern of cherry red and white stripes, resembling sweets. Strong perfume.
Dianthus Stardust photo and description Dianthus 'Stardust' NEW for 2007 10 Striking warm apricot, double flowers with lovely perfume.
Dianthus Starry Eyes photo and description Dianthus 'Starry Eyes' 12 Hardy Alpine dianthus. Deeply fringed white petals with magenta centre. Prefers well-drained soil in sun.
Dianthus Warden Hybrid photo and description Dianthus 'Warden Hybrid' 10 Bright cerise, semi-double flowers with showy white stamens. Good perfume.
Dianthus Whatfield Can Can photo and description Dianthus 'Whatfield Can-Can' AGM 15 Parisian pink, frilled double flowers. Strong perfume.
Dianthus Whatfield Gem photo and description Dianthus 'Whatfield Gem' AGM 15 Rich, ruby blooms dusted with white speckles and soft pink undersides to the petals.
Dianthus Whatfield Wisp photo and description Dianthus 'Whatfield Wisp' 10 Highly scented, ruffled pink flowers.
Awaiting photo Diascia barberae 'Blackthorne Apricot' 20 Long flowering perennial with dusky apricot flowers.
Drosanthemum hispidum photo and description Drosanthemum hispidum 10 Succulent, ideal for beautiful groundcover, producing rich lavender coloured daisy-like flowers.
Awaiting photo Dryas octopetala 10 Eight petal mountain avens. Lovely arctic alpine, of prostrate nature with white flowers on tall stems. Prominent golden stamens. Good in dry conditions.
Awaiting photo Erinus alpinus AGM 15 'Fairy Foxglove' or 'Alpine Balsam'. Ideal alpine for wall crevices or front of rockeries, bearing many lilac-pink flowers. Semi-shade.
Erodium kolbianum Natasha photo and description Erodium kolbianum 'Natasha' 10 Silvery, lacy foliage and lavender-pink flowers with dark veins. Very rewarding.
Erodium Album photo and description Erodium reichardii 'Album' 8 Dark green foliage contrasts well with the brilliant white flowers with pink veins, throughout summer.
Erodium reichardii roseum photo and description Erodium reichardii 'Roseum' AGM 8 Pink-veined flowers from spring. Long flowering season.
Erodium Bishop's Form Pink photo and description Erodium x variabile 'Bishop's Form' 12 Vibrant rose-pink flowers throughout summer, above lovely contrasting dark green foliage.
Erodium Candy photo and description Erodium x variabile 'Candy' 8 Compact plant with deep rose flowers with dark veins. More compact than 'Bishop's Form'.
Erysimum Golden Jubilee photo and description Erysimum 'Golden jubilee' 5 Lush, green foliage with abundance of tiny, bright yellow flowers. Adds sunshine to the alpine garden.
Erysimum Orange Flame photo and description Erysimum 'Orange Flame' 10 Spreading perennial with tangerine coloured flowers.
Awaiting photo Fragaria vesca 'Golden Alexandria' 20 New for 2007. Wonderful alpine strawberry bearing very tasty, sweet fruits. Lime green foliage is a bonus for year round interest.
Frankenia thymifolia photo and description Frankenia thymifolia 30 Sea Heath. Wiry, creeping stems with tiny, pale pink flowers.

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